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Make or amend your Will free of charge in return for a donation to St Wilfrid’s Hospice, Chichester

15th September 2011

If y
ou have dependent children then it is particularly important to make a Will to make sure that their future care is planned for. Your Will would also record your wishes with regards to care arrangements for any pets and your funeral plans.

Without a Will your estate (everything that you own) may not be dealt with in the way that you would wish and in some cases could pass to the Crown (the Government). By making sure you have a Will in place you’ll also avoid leaving the burden of dealing with your affairs to your family or friends at an already sad and difficult time.

Make a Will Fortnight is a new scheme for St Wilfrid’s Hospice and is being held from Monday 26th September to Friday 7th October 2011. Several local solicitors have kindly agreed to take part by writing, or amending, standard Wills free of charge, in return for a donation to the Hospice. All solicitors are donating their time and expertise and we are enormously grateful for their support.

At St Wilfrid’s Hospice we provide high quality palliative care to local people and since opening in 1987 we have cared for our 10,000 patients while providing support to their loved ones.

Please support the Hospice and take care of your own affairs. To make use of this scheme please visit our website www.stwh.co.uk for a list of participating local solicitors, or call Michelle Sidney at the Hospice on 01243 755837.

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