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Man wins case after losing four fingers at work

28th September 2011

The 18-year-old worker had been employed by the firm for six months and was an apprentice machinist. It is reported that he was changing a cutter on a milling machine when he unintentionally turned the machine on while it was still in his hand.

The employee severed half an index finger, most of his middle finger and all of his ring and little finger on his left hand during the incident. Attempts at surgery to reattach his fingers were unsuccessful.

An HSE investigation discovered that there was no suitable guarding around the milling machine to provide protection against industrial injury. The court was informed that risks had not properly been assessed for the milling machine and changing cutters.

Regarding the work accident claim, HSE inspector Leo Diez, stated, “For a young man to lose four fingers in an incident like this at the start of his career is serious and severely affects his future employment prospects.”

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