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TUPE protected nurses warned in NHS takeovers

29th September 2011

One healthcare provider placed a fifth of the north east workforce in a prison health care service. Nurses were threatened with serious disruption when they were informed that they were at risk of redundancy a week after the contract commenced.

Pressures from campaigners forced the service to reconsider employment law issues and they later announced that there would be no compulsory redundancies.

Unison claims that an out-of-hours service, which was taken over by another firm in April, has also adversely affected nurses’ working conditions.

Another RCN officer, Sandra Bullock, stated “The doctors said they would not work with nurse consultants” and this resulted in two nurses resigning as they felt their roles had been downgraded. It is reported that nurses no longer had the responsibility to diagnose, prescribe or triage alone.

Mr Turnbull has urged nurses to utilize the Freedom of Information Act and maintain correspondence with managers to ensure they are well aware of the details of their contracts.

Under TUPE, a new employer cannot change any terms of a transferred employment contract without a fair consultation

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