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Shipyard workers need their hearing tested

30th September 2011

The free hearing tests and audiology advice sessions are being carried out at St. Mary’s Stadium on Friday, October 14.

Personal injury experts believe that workers, many of whom will now be retired, may be unaware that their exposure to dangerous levels of noise while they worked at the shipyard could be the reason they are now suffering from hearing damage and related conditions such as tinnitus.

A Southampton personal injury solicitor is quoted in the Southern Daily Echo as saying that more than 100 claims for work-related hearing loss compensation have already been made by shipyard workers from the Barrow–in-Furness area after a similar screening session was held in Cumbria.

The Woolston shipyard closed in 2004 when work relocated to Portsmouth and anyone who worked at the facility, who feels their hearing may have been damaged as a result of their employment, is urged to seek advice from a hearing specialist or a personal injury solicitor to determine whether they would be eligible to receive any form of damages payout such as tinnitus compensation.

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