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Medical negligence claim for severed sciatic nerve

06th October 2011

The 51-year-old has been left permanently disabled as a result of the surgical blunder, telling the Coventry Telegraph, “This operation has ruined my life.”

The incident occurred in October 2008, when the woman was admitted to the Hospital of St. Cross in Rugby after suffering painful osteoarthritis which required her hip to be resurfaced.

Having been told it was a straightforward operation which the surgeon had performed “a thousand times before” the patient did not worry, however, soon after regaining consciousness she heard the surgeon admit that he had accidently cut through her sciatic nerve because her pelvis was smaller than he had anticipated.

Her limited recovery took many months and for a large proportion of the time she was house-bound and depressed. She has had to give up her plans of opening a sandwich shop in Coventry and learning to drive, and is still reliant on carers to help with her everyday needs.

The medical negligence claimant’s personal injury lawyer helped her to negotiate the six-figure out-of-court settlement with the NHS Trust, a representative of which expressed “deep regret and sorrow” that her care fell short of the hospital’s “normally high standard”.

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