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Charity highlights women’s concerns in family law

17th October 2011

“Listening to Mothers” seeks to help families, especially mothers, and inform practitioners, such as divorce lawyers, mediators and all professionals involved in family court processes, that the views of women should be recognised fully and not marginalised.

The charity refers to a recent study – “So Presumably Things Have Moved on Since Then?” The Management of Risk Allegations in Child Contact Dispute Resolution – which found that women’s fears and allegations of domestic abuse, raised in dispute resolution sessions, were regularly ignored, reframed or rejected.

The charity believes risk of future abuse, and the well-being of children, is strongly linked to women’s concerns voiced during counselling and mediation sessions. However, it claims, these concerns are often minimised by practitioners.

One counsellor says, “This information has the potential to improve a mother’s confidence, and mothers may find it useful to refer to when articulating their needs.”

Maypole Women plans to bring out further information leaflets for women and family law practitioners in the future which will continue to seek to promote the best interests of children involved in family court processes.

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