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Inheritance fraud exploits people

18th October 2011

As part of the scam, people are contacted and told that they are, as the sole surviving relative of a person who has died abroad, entitled to inherit a significant estate.

However, this is a wills scam and no such estate or person actually exists – instead, the person is told to send around £150 to facilitate “processing costs”.

The person is then contacted again and told that more money is needed in order to ensure a smooth transfer of the estate and assets.

Det Sgt Jeanette Roberts, of West Yorkshire Police’s Economic Crime Unit, comments, “The letters appear genuine and look official but are in fact fraudulent and leave people out of pocket when they respond to them.

“I would encourage anyone who receives a letter of this nature not to respond to it and report it to their nearest police station.”

Those who’ve been targeted by the wills scam include elderly people in West Yorkshire as well as people in East and West Sussex.

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