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French judge makes guardianship ruling

11th November 2011

It is reported that the family made application for guardianship after becoming concerned about the impact of her deteriorating mental health on the future of her assets, which represent France’s third-largest family fortune and are believed to be worth around at 16bn euros.

However, the heiress opposes the decision and her lawyer has said she will seek to appeal.

Unless the appeal is successful, Madame Bettencourt’s daughter will have control over the majority of her assets. One of her grandsons was was named as the guardian of her personal interests.

It is understood that the court was presented with a medical report which stated that Madame Bettencourt was suffering from the effects of “mixed dementia” and Alzheimer’s disease.

The heiress has previously said that she will leave France if she is placed under guardianship. “If it’s that, I will go abroad. If my daughter looks after me I would feel stifled. If it’s her, I will leave,” she said.

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