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London’s security a big lure

15th November 2011

Even the recent riots in London have failed to deter most investors who believe that property trusts represent the securest way of ensuring their wealth is protected for both themselves and future generations of their families.

Indeed, despite the considerable price of some central London properties, the market is still proving irresistible to large numbers of international buyers. “We’ve seen numerous overseas buyers trying to buy into central London at some very, very hairy yields, but for them it’s a matter of wealth preservation said a property trust manager speaking at an annual event of the Association of Investment Companies (AIC).

“What we’ve seen throughout the whole of this year is that whenever there’s been a shock [abroad] of some sort … there’s been another phone call to London agents saying: We’ve got 30 or 40 million, which we’d like to put in the safe haven of central London,” commented another expert.

And the good news for those who have asked their wills solicitors to invest in property trusts in London is that most players have been reaping considerable returns, despite apparent downturns elsewhere in the market.

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