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Richmond Council concede in amputation claim after fall

01st December 2011


The 67-year-old had been walking his dog in a park near his home, at that time in Barnes, London, when he fell in a hole in the ground.

The accident caused him to suffer three fractures in his leg, which later required amputation due to infection.

Richmond Council denied liability for the May 2006 accident, but a judge ruled in favour of the former window cleaner in October 2010.

The council appealed the decision and the case was due to be heard on 21 December, but the authority offered an out-of-court settlement to the former window cleaner.

The claimant’s personal injury lawyer told the Richmond Guardian, “They vigorously defended [the claim] from day one but they must have known they didn’t have a proper inspection regime in place.”

Speaking about the amputation claim award the personal injury victim said, “It has been traumatic.

What price do you put on a body part?

“Money doesn’t compensate for the trauma we’ve been through but we want it to finish so we can get on with our lives.”

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