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Personal injury news – Employee crushes fingers in bakery work accident

19th December 2011

The teenage worker had been using a dough moulder, which shapes dough with two powered running rollers, when he put his right hand in between the rollers.

He suffered bruising and sustained cuts to his middle and index finger, and all of the fingers sustained crush and skin injuries.

Following the incident, a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation revealed that the machinery did not have any guarding in place which may have prevented the accident.

Southampton Magistrates’ Court heard that protective guarding had been removed from the machine two years before the incident and the baker had reinstalled the guarding after the accident had happened.

A HSE inspector said, “The risks from these types of machines are well known in the industry and this incident could have resulted in far worse injuries.  

“Immediately following the incident [the defendant] installed a guard which cuts the power to the machine, but had the guarding been in place the employee would not have been able to have accessed the dangerous parts of the machinery and we would not be in court today.”

The baker was fined £500 and was ordered to pay costs of £300 for failing to protect workers from sustaining a personal injury in a work accident.

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