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Compensation claim news – Man’s bionic fingers paid for with claim money

23rd December 2011

The 32-year-old lost three fingers on his left hand in July 2007 in Yate, near Bristol, when he was working on a printing machine and his hand became crushed between two rollers.

A few weeks after the incident one of the man’s fingers was replaced using his toe which was grafted onto his hand to give him greater dexterity, but he was still missing two digits.

The packaging firm was fined £2,500 for the accident at work and paid £2,359 in court costs in 2008, but it was not until 2011 that remuneration enabled the injured worker to have bionic fingers fitted to replace his amputated digits.

The man said, “After the accident I felt so low, as I had so much taken away from me. I couldn’t work or carry out normal, everyday tasks such as picking up a glass.

“To now have two new bionic fingers, that actually respond and move, is amazing.”

The electrodes built into the bionic digits pick up muscle signals, enabling the man to move his fingers independently from one another in a natural motion.

All employees who sustain personal injury at work in non-fault accidents have the right to claim compensation for their pain, suffering and loss of earnings. Making a work accident compensation claim, as this man, did could help to pay for technologically advanced prosthetics and treatments.

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