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House sales news – Solicitors encouraged by Japanese knotweed biocontrol

11th January 2012

The vigorous growing plant has become a menace to potential home owners because some mortgage companies have refused to lend against houses which so much as neighbour an area infected by the knotweed’s presence.

Attempts to prevent its persistent spread have so far been unsuccessful and the horticultural import which first landed on our shores in the 1850s has become an anathema to land owners, housing developers and home buyers as it lays waste to anything in its path, effectively choking life out of indigenous species and even breaking through concrete in order to establish its path.

However, last year scientists were given the go ahead to trial a biocontrol technique, using sap-sucking aphids, on two sites in Swansea – one of Britain’s worst affected areas – where estate agents have recently revealed the negative impact the plant is having on house sales in the area.

According to reports, the psyllid insect aphalara itadori loves the juicy knotweed so much so that it can suck the life out of even the densest infestation. Yet, although it is deemed a cheaper method than current eradication schemes, the biocontrol method will take at least five to ten years to have any substantial effect on the plant’s inhabitation of UK soil.

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