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Injury claim news – PIP implant rupture risks raise concerns among women

05th January 2012

Concerns regarding the safety of the implants first emerged when it was discovered that the implants had been made from an industrial silicone which is cheaper than surgical-grade silicone and designed for use in mattresses rather than for cosmetic procedures.

If a rupture occurs gel can leak from the implant causing irritation and inflammation.

Although French authorities discovered a reported rupture rate of 5% and have recommend that women have the implants removed, the UK government has released findings which indicate that the implants are much less likely to rupture.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has released data which shows that the PIP implants hold the same risk of rupturing as any other implants – a rate of 1%.

Health secretary Andrew Lansley said, “The overwhelming evidence continues to support the advice we’ve given women previously.

“It is not advisable for women to routinely have implants removed because the risk associated with an operation of that kind would outweigh the benefit of removing these implants.”

About 40,000 women in the UK are thought to have had PIP implants, and it has been reported that at least 250 women are taking legal action seeking clinical negligence compensation against UK clinics which used PIP implants.

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