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Guardianship news – 3,000 miles for charity

24th January 2012

The women, who are taking part in the Row for Freedom campaign, are hoping that their projected 40 day and 40 night row will raise awareness of some of the political and legal issues surrounding child guardianship while also raising funds for anti-trafficking charities such as A21 and ECPAT UK.

“We are very pleased to see they [the girls] are halfway towards their target and doing so well and look forward to having them back,” commented a spokesperson from one of the rowing clubs where the women trained for their grueling transatlantic row.

So far, the record for an all-female transatlantic row is 52 days, the women are hoping to surpass this and manage the feat in 40.

Ensuring suitable guardianship for children is one aspect of providing a comprehensive front against trafficking, and many solicitors do charity work in this area in addition to their other family law work.

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