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Injury claim news – Factory worker may claim for injury to finger

26th January 2012

The woman had been working as the operator of a foil wrapping machine in 2009 when the output chute became blocked with caramel.

During a short break in production the worker attempted to unblock the chute with a piece of cloth, but the machine had still been running and the cloth became caught, pulling her hand into the workings of the machine.

The employee suffered a fractured finger and cuts, and was forced to take ten weeks off work to recover from her injuries.

An investigation revealed that the accident occurred due to the lack of safety guards on the machine.

A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspector stated, “[The employers] should never have allowed the machinery guarding to fall below the legal safety standards. It was effectively asking its employees to work on machines that put them at risk of injury.”

The company was fined £20,000 for breaching the Provision and Use of Work Equipment and Health and Safety Regulations.

Now that liability for the woman’s accident at work has been determined, she may now decide to contact a solicitor to receive a damages payment for her injury and any loss of earnings.

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