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HSE prosecution news – Man prosecuted for excavator work accident

31st January 2012

The 44-year-old man was employed alongside four co-workers to reclaim bricks from an old hospital in West Malling.

While on the site, he decided to use a large excavator. The vehicle weighed thirteen tonnes and he had not been trained to operate it or given authority by his employers to drive it.

As a result of his lack of training, he lost control of the excavator and collided with a wall which fell onto one of his workmates.

The other employee became trapped beneath the heavy rubble and sustained severe personal injury including a broken ankle and a shattered shin bone. He had to undergo an operation to have a steel plate fitted to hold his bones together while they healed.

The negligent worker admitted breaching health and safety regulations and was sentenced to 120 hours of community service as well as having to pay £500 in costs.

It has not been reported whether the employee who sustained personal injuries in the work accident will be making a work accident compensation claim.

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