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Family law news – Courts could help restore role of fathers

01st February 2012

Currently, around one in three children (around 3.8million) lives in a household that does not include a father, with family law solicitors more often than not seeing divorce and separation cases where children eventually reside with the mother.

However, the newspaper says that the plans would bolster the role of fathers by punishing those who flout contact and residence orders with contempt of court.

And it is hinted that the plans have broad support across both sides of the coalition, which is seeking to help children experiencing a parental divorce and separation.

Tim Loughton, the children’s minister, commented, “Our vision is to establish that, under normal circumstances, a child will have relationship with both his or her parents, regardless of their relationship with each other.

“We must do everything we can to improve the system so that it gives children the best chance of growing up under the guidance of two loving parents.”

Details of the plans have been welcomed by a number of campaign groups such as Fathers 4 Justice, an organisation which has long called for reform of the family law system.

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