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Factory injury news – Man who lost three fingers could claim

07th February 2012

The worker had been clearing waste product out of a machine, but it was still running and as a result his hand was caught in the moving parts.

The plastic inside the equipment had been heated to more than 200 degrees Celsius and was being run between two powered rollers.

The man lost three fingers on his right hand as a result of the work accident and has since had to be given another role within the factory.

The company was fined a total of £9,700 for breaching health and safety at work regulations. It is unreported whether or not the employee has instructed a personal injury solicitor to make a claim for his pain and any loss of earnings relating to the incident.

A Health and Safety Executive inspector stated, “Running nips are a common hazard in many industries and all machines should be guarded to prevent human contact with the dangerous parts. When machines are used with very hot plastics, these can be very dangerous.

“Employers using this sort of equipment need to make sure there is adequate guarding and if [the firm] had taken the simple and inexpensive step of installing one, then this incident would never have happened.”

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