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Motoring offences solicitors news – Penalty point swapping is serious

23rd February 2012

According to the most recent research by the AA around 300,000 of Britain’s 30 million-plus drivers have talked a friend or relative into taking penalty points on their behalf.

With many seeing it as an innocuous “white collar” offence which cannot really be considered criminal, there is a widespread failure to consider the potential consequences – a prison sentence and charges of perverting the course of justice.

One motoring offences solicitor comments, “Something which could have been a minor offence could result in certain custody. Perverting the course of justice is seen as an offence against public justice and is no different to perjury in the eyes of the court.”

Instead, it is recommended that those who receive notice of a road traffic offence such as failure to wear a seat belt, speeding, drink-driving, dangerous driving or any other transgression would be better off contacting a motoring offences solicitor for expert advice about their legal rights and legal options.

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