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Farm accident claim news – Unite calls for roving safety reps for farms

08th March 2012

The appeal has been made following Health and Safety Executive figures which reveal that farming and allied agricultural industries are the most dangerous UK industries in terms of accident statistics.

Agricultural workers are also most likely to suffer work-related ill-health when compared to other industries.

In its policy document, Good Health and Safety, Good for Everyone the Government identified agriculture as an area of concern, but deemed that proactive inspection would be “unlikely to be effective”.

Unite national officer Cath Speight, said, “Unite has repeatedly called for the introduction of roving safety reps to visit farms.

“It is the responsibility of the employer, the farmer, to see all safety procedures and legislation are followed and all employees fully understand safety instructions, including causal and migrant workers, whose first language may not be English and may have difficulty understanding what they are being told.

“If roving reps could visit and see that farmers are complying with health and safety legislation, we believe this high level of [farm] accidents and deaths would be reduced.”

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