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Boundary and neighbour dispute news – Judge calls for conciliation

15th March 2012

Lord Justice Mummery said that before seeking litigation services to resolve boundary and neighbour disputes, homeowners and tenants alike should seek to achieve agreement without recourse to formal dispute resolution channels.

Furthermore, said the judge, many boundary cases end up costing more in solicitors’ fees and courts costs than the value of the disputed piece of property. He also said, the process of litigation can cause “immeasurable human misery”.

The judge made his comments while ruling on a boundary and neighbour dispute in Peckham, south London.

“The parties have spent a lot of money, time and energy quarrelling about the ownership of a thin strip of land in a corner of the courtyard,” said the judge.

Litigation solicitors advise ‘warring’ neighbours that the best way to resolve a dispute is amicably, perhaps through arbitration; however, in some cases, use of the court system may be unavoidable.

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