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Compensation claim news – Construction worker to receive more than £1million

20th March 2012

The man had been covering newly laid roof insulation in Cambridgeshire, with help from some co-workers, in order to protect it from the wind and rain.

While the group worked, an 8ft piece of board was lifted by the strong wind from a stack of plywood, which had been left unsecured on the roof, and struck the employee.

The force of the impact rendered the man unconscious and caused him severe spinal injury which has resulted in him suffering paralysis in his legs and fingers.

“The stack of ply-board wasn’t secured to the roof…I didn’t realise just how dangerous it would turn out to be.

“When the news [partial paralysis diagnosis] was given to me I was, understandably, devastated. With my line of work and lifestyle I’ve always been very active, so it has taken a long time to come to terms with it.”

The man has now reportedly been told that he will receive more than £1million in compensation for his accident at work. The money will go towards his care and provide financial support to his family since he will be unable to continue his career.

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