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Conveyancing in Chichester news – ABS changes for conveyancers

02nd April 2012

Although this might at first seem like good news for conveyancing in Chichester and the wider UK, many experts would counter this view – a recent survey of UK conveyancers by Searches UK has found that 42% believe Alternative Business Structures (ABS) to be a mistake that will leave a lasting negative impact on the profession, for consumers and practitioners alike.

There is a wide array of reasons for this apparently gloomy outlook, including a belief shared by 61% of respondents that the move will precipitate a reduction in regulatory standards. The Solicitors Regulation Authority, the Law Society and the Council for Licensed Conveyancers are the existing licensing bodies for conveyancing in Chichester and the rest of Britain.

There are also concerns that some smaller conveyancers in Chichester and the wider UK will struggle to compete with larger ABS players. “In time it will probably kill off this side of the business unless we can find a way to compete effectively,” commented one respondent.

However, not all practitioners are against the changes, with many believing that they will bring improved quality and service.

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