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Personal injury news – Construction worker receives settlement for injuries

05th April 2012

The 28-year-old had been working on a mill roof when he fell off the side, feet first, shattering the bones in both of his heels. He was wheelchair-bound for two months.

The man still takes strong painkilling medication daily due to the injury. The construction worker may need more operations on his feet, and has been told by medical professionals that he has a greater risk of suffering from arthritis in the future.

Furthermore, he is now unable to play football and rugby as he used to, and has had to leave the building industry. He had planned to start his own roofing business prior to the accident at work, but he has had to start working at a factory instead.

He stated, “I can’t work in the construction business anymore but I’ve managed to get a job in a factory which I’m glad of. However, it’s not what I wanted to do and it’s a lot less than I would have earned if I was still a roofer.

“I know I’m lucky because my injuries could have been so much worse but we’ve still been through hell.”

He received £70,000 in compensation which has been spent on repaying family who helped him while he was unable to work and paying off depts.

Reportedly, he will now be concentrating on improving his credit rating again after the financial difficulties he suffered while off work.

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