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Injury compensation news – Man who lost toe in escalator incident might claim

11th April 2012

The personal injury victim, who has not been named but was reportedly in his 20s, was taken to Nottingham Queen’s Medical Centre after the accident occurred on the 16th of March.

A shop employee who was working nearby when the incident took place stated, “We heard some screaming for help – and we saw a man on the escalator with about three people trying to help him.

“Somebody had stopped [the escalator] but he couldn’t get his foot out.”

A spokesperson for the fire service who attended the incident said, “The fire-fighters did not release him, but they did help to stabilise him until the paramedics arrived.

“He had lost quite a lot of blood so he was given first aid to help stop the bleeding.”

Potentially the young man will be able to make a compensation claim against the shopping centre. However, another shop assistant in the centre states that the escalator is well maintained and checked over at least once every month.

A full investigation into the escalator accident has been undertaken to assess how the incident may have occurred.

It has not been reported whether medical professionals were able to reattach the man’s toe, or whether he is planning to take legal action for his personal injury.

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