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Claim news – Family seek compensation for woman’s death in hospital

19th April 2012

The patient had been admitted into hospital in March 2011 to be treated for a hip fracture, however, a gastric condition had resulted in her weighing approximately five and a half stones, yet, she was given the dosage of paracetamol suitable for an average adult.

Due to the staff having poor knowledge of the guideline dosages of painkillers, the woman died of multiple organ failure 20 days after her arrival at the hospital.

Medical staff should have administered the same dose of paracetamol as would have been given to a child, instead they gave the 68-year-old 85% more than the suggested safe dose.

The family’s clinical negligence solicitor states, “This case has caused us grave concern as prescription of paracetamol is such a basic error, which was made here by a number of healthcare professionals caring for [the medical negligence victim].

“We consider that the errors in this case should be highlighted on a national level to ensure similar deaths will not occur.”

The amount of compensation the family are claiming from the NHS trust has not been disclosed.

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