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Personal injury news – Woman’s claim for compensation rejected

20th April 2012

The woman suffered her equestrian personal injury in March 2006 in Milton Keynes.

She had been riding the seven-year-old horse on behalf of a friend, who owned it, in order to keep the animal exercised while her friend was pregnant.

On the day of the incident the woman was using a ‘bitless bridal’ on the horse since it had recently had its teeth rasped and had a sore mouth.

The horse, which was usually well-behaved and responsive to a rider’s instructions, bolted across a field, through the stables, and threw the woman off onto the road. This caused her to suffer severe head injury which has resulted in her now experiencing chronic migraines, amongst other symptoms.

The woman had made a claim for compensation against her friend, the owner of the horse, but the legal action led to the case being heard by an appeal court and it has now been rejected.

The judge stated, “An individual who chooses to ride horses for pleasure no doubt derives enjoyment from being able to control a powerful beast.

“But inherent in that activity is the risk that, on occasions, the horse will not respond to its riders instructions, or will respond in a way that the rider did not intend.

“That is one of the risks inherent in riding horses. That is all that happened in the present case.”

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