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Medical negligence claim news – Soldiers received poor hospital treatment

24th April 2012

Despite having won awards for the treatment it provides to patients, the hospital has apparently had legal action taken against it 13 times in the last three years.

The Freedom of Information Act was used to gain the information, but details about the individual claims have not been published.

However, it is known that the medical negligence claims were made by soldiers who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan who felt they had received inadequate treatment and, in some cases, suffered due to misdiagnosis by staff at the military hospital.

A personal injury solicitor, who deals specifically with soldiers who have received substandard treatment from the military after leaving Iraq or Afghanistan, stated, “I think as far as Birmingham is concerned, there is a gap between the emergency care and what comes next.

“The acute care is usually very good. The battlefield and emergency treatment is an example to others which has been picked up around the world.

“What they are not so good at is the general practice and the day-to-day less dramatic care, which is just as important. Often you have newly qualified military GPs who are not experienced at dealing with the full range of cases they are presented with, unlike an experienced GP.”

Whether the 13 soldiers’ medical negligence claims are still being dealt with, and whether or not any have been successful, has not been reported.

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