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Wills news – Arts organisations staying clear of legacies

04th May 2012

The organisation revealed that only 27% of those surveyed had received wills gifts between 2008 and 2011. However, it also revealed that there was a real reluctance amongst arts administrators to seek charitable legacy gifts, with only 28% saying they promote the practise.

Many believe that it is “not appropriate… to do so”. In addition the organisations also cite the practical difficulties in negotiating the sensitive subject with supporters, while 17% say they have higher priorities to focus on.

However, Arts Quarter said that it believed organisations should not be shy about exploiting this area of the market, with wills legacy giving a potentially valuable source of income.

“Fundraising competition within the arts is about to enter a phase, unimagined up until this point, as more organisations compete with each other and with other non-arts causes,” it said.

Adding, “If ‘the arts’ does not grab this opportunity to develop its profile in legacy giving, others in the wider charitable sector will occupy that space.”

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