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Claim news – Parents of injured girl claim from NHS trust

08th May 2012

The girl was born in 2001 at Lincoln County Hospital, but due to the failure of staff to spot foetal distress and an abnormal heart-rate during her birth, she suffered a seizure.

This has resulted in her suffering from cerebral palsy, has left her wheelchair-dependant, and has also meant that she requires high-tech eye-gaze equipment to communicate since she is unable to speak, yet she has retained all of her intellect.

Legal action was taken against the United Lincolnshire Hospital NHS Trust, and the claim has been successful.

The family has been awarded £10.8 million. The settlement means that their daughter will receive a lump sum payment of £5.866 million with regular payments which will eventually rise to £204,000 per year.

Her mother stated, “[My daughter] is a very beautiful, bright, kind and loving daughter, with a wicked sense of humour.

“Unfortunately, she is trapped inside a body that does not function, and she is not able to do the very basic things that we all take for granted.

“I feel utter grief and loss for the life that [my daughter] could have had if she had she not been injured.

“The family have been through a very difficult time. The money will never make up for the mistake that condemned [my daughter] to a lifetime of dependency on others.”

The medical negligence compensation received will go towards the 24-hour care the young girl will require for the rest of her life.

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