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Compensation news – Young man who lost eye at work forgives employer

14th May 2012

The young man comes from a family who sees forgiveness as a very important action. The personal injury victim’s father stated, “We don’t want to shoot him (the employer) down, he’s a human being.

“He’s been through the court and I’m sure he’s been through a whole lot of stuff with his own family through [this].”

The accident took place when the 18-year-old and his employer were working three stories up a building, removing window panes from Tauranga Boys’ College gym.

The young worker should have been using a screwdriver to perform the task, but his employer had provided him with a chisel instead. As a result, the tool slipped while he was using it and struck the employee in the eye.

The injury was so severe enough he was forced to have his eye removed.

The employer was fined 10,000 NZD (around £4,892) and will pay 15,000 NZD (around £7,340) in compensation in instalments to the young man.

The worker’s father believes the payment to be a minimal sum and his mother is reported to have stated that the employer should be made to get a loan so that he could pay her son more for his injury.

Nevertheless, the work accident victim says, “I’m young and have picked up using one eye.

“We only live once. You can’t let anything hold you back, there’s so much more out there.”

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