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Personal injury claim news – Industrial deafness claims affected by law change

29th May 2012

It has been suggested that tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss could become “the new whiplash” as the number of employees making work-related deafness claims has risen sharply over recent years.

Insurers are already stating that many of the claims are spurious. However, Health and Safety Executive statistics have revealed that more than one million UK employees are currently being exposed to excessive noise at work.

Historically, industrial deafness claims have largely been linked to manufacturing settings, but personal injury lawyers may soon see an increase in claimants within the entertainment sectors, especially from those who work in bars, clubs and music venues.

A claimant has to prove any hearing impairment occurred as a direct result of an employment scenario and medical assessors will always seek to rule out other causes relating to the injury.

A member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers’ executive committee said, “Like many industrial disease cases you’ve got other competing causes, potentially, but a medical assessor would look at things like shooting, DIY, music.”

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