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Dispute resolution solicitors news – £100,000 for bad advice

20th June 2012

The two, a retired lawyer and his wife, were told by the property solicitor that they would be entitled to full use of a private garden situated at the heart of a square close to the £6.8 million house they were purchasing.

However, after being refused access to the exclusive garden, the couple decided to instruct dispute resolution solicitors to pursue a claim for legal negligence. They had received, they said, “an unqualified opinion by a solicitor who told us that if we bought the house we could use the garden”.

Now, after a long legal battle which has encompassed many twists and turns, a judge has ruled that it was negligent of the firm to give the couple such unequivocal advice, clearing the way for a £100,000 payout, plus dispute resolution solicitor costs.

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