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Professional negligence solicitors news – Vatican bank negligence claims

15th June 2012

However, the case has been complicated by the Vatican suggesting to professional negligence solicitors that certain crucial documents could be withheld under age-old “sovereign prerogatives”.

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, a notable Pope Benedict appointment, was sacked from the bank’s presidency last month, as a result of a dizzying array of accusations relating to document leaks, erratic behaviour and alleged professional negligence.

The scandal has been further clouded by allegations that Tedeschi was psychiatrically unwell during his presidency. The bank’s in-house psychotherapist recently published details of a report in which he said that Tesdeschi was beset by “traits of egocentricity, narcissism and a partial disconnection from reality that could be a psychopathological dysfunction”.

However, these are claims which are likely to be countered by Gotti Tedeschi, now in charge of the Italian unit of the Spanish bank Banco Santander.

Many now feel that the claims and counterclaims will not have resolution until professional negligence solicitors have their day.

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