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Compensation news – Man suffering from HAVS and CTS receives compensation

21st June 2012

The man had been working for the company for more than 34 years when he was forced to take an early retirement due to the progression of HAVS symptoms.

In 2009 he began to suffer from tingling and pain in both of his hands, which led him to seek a medical professional’s opinion.

He was diagnosed with HAVS, and later was also diagnosed with CTS after suffering from hand numbness and loss of finger dexterity.

Reportedly, the man had worked with vibrating tools regularly and stated that at the beginning of his career he was not given personal protective clothing or equipment to reduce the risk of him developing HAVS or CTS.

The company admitted liability for the man’s carpal tunnel syndrome and hand arm vibration syndrome injuries and the compensation claim was settled out of court. The amount of compensation received by the former electrical engineer has not been revealed.

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