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Motoring offence news – Solicitor praises court ruling on client’s speeding

03rd July 2012

The football player, who is currently unemployed after he was released from his contract with Norwich City at the end of the season, had already accrued nine points on his licence, but his motoring offence solicitor argued that as his client was effectively unemployed a ban would cause him “exceptional hardship”.

In the hearing which followed the speeding incident on the A14 near Cambridge, Norwich Magistrates’ Court heard how the professional footballer would struggle to find more work without a car. A ban would also mean it would become very difficult for him to visit his family who live across the country and his grandmother who is in a Manchester care home.

After the court ruled to increase the points on the 28-year-old’s licence from nine to 17, three points for one offence and a further five for the A14 offence, the man’s motoring offence solicitor said its decision would be of benefit to road safety as his client would now be forced to drive with extreme caution.

The footballer was ordered to pay court costs of £100 on top of a £780 fine.

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