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Work injury news – HSE data shows only slight reduction in fatal work accidents

10th July 2012

The data shows that only two fewer deaths from personal injury at work have been recorded in the last 12 month period where data is available. During the previous period the number of workplace fatalities was 175 and the provisional number for 2011/12 is 173.

There were 49 construction industry fatalities (one less than in the 2010/11 period) and 33 agricultural worker deaths (three more than in the previous period). The waste and recycling industry accounted for five employee deaths (nine less than in 2010/11), and the mining and quarrying trade saw 10 fatalities. Lastly, there were 31 fatal manufacturing accidents.

Furthermore, 90 members of the public, not employed at the work site in question, sadly lost their lives after being involved in work accidents.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) is dissatisfied that there has only been a small improvement.

A spokesperson for RoSPA states, “It is disappointing that workplace accident deaths have not fallen further. Work-related deaths shatter families and they also have massive consequences for businesses, communities and society as a whole. The figures for 2011/12 prove that we must remain focused on prevention.”

The organisation says it will continue to focus its attention on helping employers across the UK understand and correctly implement health and safety precautions to reduce the number of work accidents suffered.

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