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Employment law solicitor news – British jobs for British workers too tricky

13th July 2012

In a dramatic deviation from years of labour policy, Mr Milliband said the previous labour government had made mistakes on immigration policy which had had an adverse impact on the employment prospects of UK-born residents.

“There has been a collision of a large amount of immigration from eastern Europe and a UK labour market that is frankly too often nasty, brutish and short-term,” said Mr Miliband.

However, employment law solicitors believe that Milliband’s plans to encourage more employment of UK-born jobseekers could be difficult to implement.

This is a view that is shared by former prime minister Gordon Brown. “In sectors where there is a problem, every medium and large employer that has more than 25 per cent foreign workers – double the average share of migrants in the population – should have to notify Jobcentre Plus. We cannot tell people things we cannot deliver. We cannot say ‘British jobs for British workers’,” said Mr Brown.

Furthermore, employment law solicitors could have difficulty upholding any such changes, not least because of a range of EU-derived employment and unfair dismissal laws.

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