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Accident injury news – Temporarily blinded worker claims compensation

16th July 2012

The man had been employed as a technician at a factory owned by a fizzy drinks manufacturer at the time of the accident in December 2010.

While at work, one of the technician’s co-workers stepped on a pipe being used to pump chemicals into a machine to clean it. Unfortunately, the pipe was defective and a clamp gave way, resulting in the liquid being sprayed into the claimant’s face.

He was taken to hospital where the chemical had to be washed out of his eyes. He also suffered chemical burns to his left shoulder and left leg.

As a result of the incident, the man was blinded for three days before the swelling in his eyes reduced. Furthermore, the skin on his shoulder and his leg has been permanently scarred.

A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation revealed that the company did not undertake routine assessments and maintenance of the pipe and its fittings.

The firm admitted liability for the accident and the worker’s injuries.

The employee has now received almost £6,000 in compensation from his work accident claim.

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