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Injury compensation news – Former groundsman makes successful knee injury claim

17th July 2012

The groundsman had been unloading tools from the rear of his truck and taking them to a shed, when he tripped over a piece of concrete which was sticking up from the walkway.

The fall caused him to tear ligaments in his right knee, which was extremely painful and resulted in him having to use a walking stick for five months after the incident.

Furthermore, the man believes that although he took voluntary redundancy after subsequently being diagnosed with cancer, he would have been unable to continue his work as a groundsman due to being unable to kneel down because of his injury.

The former groundskeeper stated, “When I tripped, I felt my knee go immediately, I was rolling on the floor in agony. The pain was immense.

“My initial thought was that I might be off work for a couple of days, but in fact I needed surgery and the recovery was very slow.”

Reportedly, he still suffers pain in his knee despite having had operations to mend the damaged ligaments.

After making a trip and fall accident claim against the council for which he worked, the man received £11,000 in compensation.

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