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Personal injuries news – MAIB release safety report

31st July 2012

The report states that not only were 24 fishing vessels lost in 2011, which is the most to have been lost since 2005, but eight crew members were involved in fatal accidents last year compared to five in 2010.

After it was reported that some of the deceased were from Scotland, the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) responded by saying that the organisation and those working in the industry were actively trying to improve safety at sea.

The SFF Safety Officer stated, “Many UK fishing industry representatives are working hard to improve fishing safety and training and perhaps a new day will soon dawn for the MAIB as a stakeholder in fishing safety to become more involved and assist in this area.”

Adding, “When studying the report closely, then a real theme comes out of a seriously high rate of machinery failures leading to a variety of incidents. The industry recognised several months ago the need for better machinery training. Work has been underway in this area for over a year…”

By providing training and guidance for crew members, it is hoped that the number of personal injuries and fatal accidents is reduced.

Anyone who is injured while working at sea due to the negligence of their employer could be entitled to make a compensation claim for their pain, suffering, and any lost earnings or medical bills.

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