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Employment law news – Footballer wins discrimination case

06th August 2012

Mark McCammon, the 33-year-old former international player, alleged that he and the club’s other black players were treated differently from the club’s white players, receiving unfavourable treatment and inferior medical support.

However, the club say that they were never in breach of employment law and are “staggered” by the Employment Tribunal ruling at Ashford, Kent.

“Today we have received the decision of the Ashford Employment Tribunal which sets out their findings that Mark McCammon was unfairly dismissed and that his dismissal was an act of racial victimisation. We are hugely disappointed, in fact staggered, by this decision. As an organisation we are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against, nor victimise our staff,” commented the club in a statement.

“This case is the first of its kind to be brought against the club in its entire history, a history that has seen the club employ many thousands of staff of various race, religion and creed, none of whom have ever felt the need to bring such a claim.”
Furthermore, the club said that it would be consulting with its employment law lawyers over the decision in order to “decide upon the next course of action”. It said that it did not rule out the possibility of an appeal.

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