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Claim news – Diabetes sufferers at higher risk of foot amputation

09th August 2012

According to Diabetes UK, patients suffering from diabetes are at an increased risk of having to undergo a foot amputation because many hospitals do not have a dedicated team in place to care for people with this condition.

Out of the 206 hospitals in England and Wales surveyed by the charity 84 did not have a specialist team which could prevent a patient’s condition from becoming so severe that amputation was necessary

Such diabetes specialists would check for loss of sensation or blood flow to an individual’s feet, and make sure that no ulcers were forming on the foot. These are all warning signs which precede the onset of gangrene and the need for amputation.

The chief executive of Diabetes UK believes that it is “appalling” that hospitals are failing to provide the best possible care for sufferers.

She states, “It is a tragic example of the short-termist approach of some hospitals that they are failing to invest in a multi-disciplinary foot-care team despite the fact that the financial savings from doing fewer amputations is likely to outweigh the cost of setting up one of these teams.”

NHS Diabetes reported that one UK hospital had spent £33,000 annually on the special service, but, as a result, had managed to save £250,000 by reducing the amount of amputation procedures it had had to perform.

Anyone who has suffered clinical negligence due to a lack of specialist care at their hospital may be eligible to claim for their pain, medical bills, and loss of earnings.

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