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Personal injury news – Mother and two sons compensated for severe injuries

15th August 2012

The family members had travelled from their home in Latvia to work as flower pickers in Britain. However, not only were they paid half of what they had been promised, but due to the employer’s negligence they sustained physical and mental injuries during their stay.

On the day of the incident in question, the mother and her sons had finished work and were being taken back to their accommodation, along with other employees from abroad.

In order to travel back to their lodgings the workers were told to choose someone from their group to drive a minibus and follow the boss’s car. The only individual to have passed a driving test in their home country was a Lithuanian man. He volunteered, although he had never driven on UK roads.

Finding it difficult to keep up with the employer’s vehicle along winding roads, the Lithuanian lost control of the minibus and collided with trees in a gully.

The Latvian woman and her eldest son sustained severe physical injuries, and her youngest son was traumatised by the crash.

The injuries to the mother’s leg were so serious that emergency services were forced to perform an amputation at the scene to save her life. The eldest son suffered a fractured skull, lost the sight in his right eye, and required surgery to mend facial disfigurements which had led to him being rejected by his community at home in Latvia.

Furthermore, the lady suffered psychological injuries, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of what she endured.

Reaching a settlement was difficult for the solicitors, since the costs of living in Latvia are significantly lower than in Britain but the family lived in poor conditions which were unacceptable considering the woman’s mobility difficulties since the incident.

The total personal injury compensation received by the family following negotiations was £1million.

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