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Injuries claim news – Boy sustained head injuries diving into shallow water

17th August 2012

The boy, thought to be from Limerick, had been visiting the sea-front in Kilkee, County Clare when the incident took place.

After diving from Kilkee Pier into shallow water and striking a rock, emergency services were called to the location as the boy had suffered a head injury, plus potential neck and back injuries.

The Irish Coast Guard, the local Marine Rescue Service, an ambulance, rapid-response paramedics, and a doctor all arrived at the scene to safely rescue the teenager from the water, stabilise him, and take him by road to the nearby golf club where a helicopter was waiting to fly him to University Hospital Galway.

Some concerns have been voiced by rescue authorities that because there is no designated helicopter landing site in the area, and the seaside car park situated close to the pier was too full to land the helicopter in, the boy’s journey to hospital took longer than it may otherwise have done.

If this is found to have caused the boy further suffering due to having had to wait longer for medical treatment – or if a lack of warning signs on the pier prohibiting diving at low tide are found to have led to him diving into the sea in the first place – the boy could potentially have a head injuries claim made on his behalf.

There have been not yet been any reports suggesting that another party is being held responsible for the incident, or that legal action is being pursued.

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