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Injury news – Cyclist’s helmet saved him from suffering more serious head injury

21st August 2012

The Dutch man had been staying with his wife and daughter at his parents-in-law’s home during his visit.

The accident took place when he was cycling down a hill alone and a sheep ran out in front of him. Due to the speed at which he was travelling he was flung from his bicycle when he attempted to brake and avoid the animal.

He landed on his head and shoulders in the road and found, when he stood up, that he was bleeding from a head injury.

Although he, and a car driver who stopped to help him, had no mobile phone signal with which to call his wife or an ambulance, a passing cyclist managed to contact the emergency services.

The cycling accident victim states that he realised how fortunate he had been as his safety helmet had cracked from the force of the impact.

“It could have been so much worse. I was lucky.

“It’s these moments you really become aware of the necessity of wearing a helmet all the time.”

As well as recognising that his injuries could have been much more severe, he is thankful to the passers-by who helped him, to the staff at Dumfries Infirmary and Castle Douglas Hospital, and pleased that someone even took the time to deliver his bicycle to the hospital for him.

It is unreported as to whether he will be seeking to make a cycling accident claim against the sheep’s owner.

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