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Professional negligence lawyer news – Settlement for school

23rd August 2012

The trust said that, as a religious organisation and charity, it had been duty-bound to instruct professional negligence lawyers in order to protect its interests.

“It was only after careful consideration and acting to protect its legitimate interests that the Trust embarked upon litigation in their dispute,” said a spokesperson.

During a two-week trial at Leeds Crown Court, a judge decided that the project manager in charge of the development was negligent in failing to protect the boarding school.

After weighing up all the arguments and facts presented by the claimant’s professional negligence lawyer, the judge decided to award damages to the trust. “The probability is that, if there had been a contract in existence, the Trust… would have negotiated a reasonable settlement of their dispute. The value of such a settlement to the Trust, over and above the settlement it negotiated in the absence of a contract, would have been £340,000.”

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