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CEOs for Apple and Samsung told to try dispute resolution in mammoth IP trial

28th August 2012

The presiding judge asked CEOs of both companies to discuss possible solutions to their disagreements, but the so called last-ditch attempt at mutual agreement was not successful.

One of Samsung’s lawyers told the judge, “The CEOs did speak…there was no resolution.”

Technology giant Apple is suing electronics firm Samsung over allegations that several of Samsung’s android phones and tablet computers infringe on intellectual property rights belonging to Apple. The federal complaint included allegations of patent infringement and claims of unfair competition.

However, a few months after the original complaint was lodged in the Californian courts, Samsung counter-sued by filing complaints in Seoul, Tokyo and Mannheim, and later in London, Delaware and Washington DC, alleging Apple’s infringement of its mobile communications technology.

Lawyers for both sides have given the San Jose court their closing arguments and will now wait for the jury to reach a decision.

The judge has made it clear, however, that dispute resolution, preferably leading to out-of-court settlement, would have been his preferred method of settling the claim, as the case’s complexity may make it difficult for jurors to reach a decision.

“I am worried we might have a seriously confused jury here,” the judge told both companies’ legal counsels.

“I have trouble understanding this, and I have spent a little more time with this than they have. It’s so complex, and there are so many pieces here.”

The case continues.

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