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Accident claim news – Collision between motorbike and tractor in Lancashire

13th September 2012

A 46-year-old man had been riding his motorbike on Mythrop Road, Lancashire, when he was involved in a collision with a tractor.

The rider and his 25-year-old female passenger sadly died as a result of their injuries.

A second motorcyclist, who had been riding in convoy with the other, managed to avoid the crash and did not suffer injury. The tractor driver was reportedly shocked by the incident, but was uninjured.

It has not been revealed whether the riders and passenger were related.

The police are asking for anyone who witnessed the crash, or who saw the two motorbikes on the road in the moments prior to the incident, to contact them with information.

Any eyewitness accounts, along with the statements from those involved in the accident and data collected during an investigation of the collision site, might help police to determine how the incident occurred and who, if anyone, is liable for the crash.

If it is found that the tractor driver, or other motorcyclist are responsible for the incident, the family of the deceased rider and passenger may be able to claim for their loss.

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